Brian Branch é nomeado Presidente e CEO do WOCCU

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  1. Thank you Marcio

    what a pleasure to hear from you

    I appreciate your kind words

    the Sicredi group is wonderful to have here

    let’s stay in touch

    Brian Branch
    Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer World Council of Credit Unions ( WOCCU)
    (608) 395-2000 |

  2. Brian

    I was very happy today when I received the news of his choice for the Presidency of WOCCU.

    I wish you much success in their new assignments and I am available to do everything in my power here in Brazil.

    Send a hug to Brazilians who are here attending the Congress in Scotland.

    I hope to see you in the ICA Conference in Mexico in November.

    A big hug.

    Márcio Port
    Sicredi Pioneira RS
    Nova Petrópolis/RS – National Capital Cooperatives

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